Why Is Blood Pressure Monitored So Closely In Pregnancy?

pregnant woman

You will notice that your blood pressure is checked at every ante natal appointment during pregnancy. Blood pressure is not usually raised during the first 20 weeks of pregnancy and may be lower than usual. If you get a high blood pressure reading it may be because your blood pressure was already high before you [...] Read more »

Blood Pressure Articles

You’ll find lots of articles here from various authors with an interest in and knowledge of blood pressure. Browse this section to find information about high blood pressure, low blood pressure, treatment to reduce blood pressure, alternative therapies for blood pressure and lots more. If you would like to submit an article for consideration or [...] Read more »

How is Blood Pressure Measured?


There are many different devices available for measuring blood pressure but the most common is the one you’ll normally find at your doctor’s surgery – called a sphygnomanometer. This has a cuff which you place around your arm and as pressure in the cuff is increased a column of mercury in the measurement part of [...] Read more »

What Controls Blood Pressure?

Blood pressure is controlled by a) the elasticity of the arteries The walls of the arteries are stretched each time the heart contracts and pumps blood into them and they rebound each time the heart relaxes. This elasticity keeps the blood flowing around the body between beats of the heart. b) the flow of blood [...] Read more »

What is Blood Pressure?

Your heart is a hard working muscle which works like a pump to send blood around your body through a complex network of arteries and capillaries and back via your veins. A lot of force is required with each contraction of the heart muscle (or heart beat) to pump the blood out of your heart, [...] Read more »