Though it’s not clear that stress and anxiety cause chronic long term high blood pressure, any kind of stress will push your blood pressure up temporarily and that can be dangerous if your blood pressure is already high.

Learning to relax is important for everyone, but if you have high blood pressure it is essential.

One way to learn to relax easily and at will is though hypnosis but not everyone feels comfortable visiting a hypnotist and that can make it difficult to relax and learn the very technique that would be so beneficial!

Self hypnosis library from hypnosis downloads.comOne easy answer is to use a short self hypnosis audio at home that can guide you through the technique and help you learn to relax in no time. These are available to download online at very low cost at Hypnosis Downloads.

For general relaxation, I recommend the mp3 Relieve stress and tension in mind and body which is wonderfully soothing.

But there is also one that deals specifically with “white coat syndrome” so that if you think your blood pressure is elevated every time you visit your doctor (and therefore you may be taking medication you don’t need) you can learn to relax using an mp3 suited particularly for that purpose: Lower Your Blood Pressure

You will find a hypnosis technique for just about every situation on the site, so if your stress is linked to a particular problem, then you can get a tailored audio for that. Take a look at the full range here.