One-Size Treatment for High Blood Pressure Does Not Fit All

High blood pressure is not a simple condition with a “take this drug and you’ll be fine” cure.

Don’t be surprised if your doctor struggles a bit to give you the right treatment for reducing your high blood pressure. Although hypertension is straightforward enough to measure and diagnose, it’s not always so easy to cure.

Although a lot of scientific studies have been carried out on high blood pressure, we are still no further forward in finding an ideal treatment for it. Medical professionals continue to research hypertension, test drugs and try different treatments on individuals while patients have to go through the process of finding out with their doctor what works best for them.

Why is it so difficult to find the right treatment for high blood pressure?

What is being shown in all the studies is that hypertensive disease is not a simple phenomenon with one cause and one cure. High blood pressure is brought about in each individual who suffers it by a wide range of metabolic, genetic and environmental factors. Therefore working out which factors are at play in any one patient (and finding out how to treat them) is a complex business. And because patients may also suffer in varying degrees from the side-effects of different treatments, trial and error is often needed to treat the condition.

So you can’t expect to be given a one drug fits all solution on your first visit to the doctors surgery after finding out you have high blood pressure. Some exploration about what is best for you is likely to be necessary.

And while you should always consult your doctor if you have hypertension (or any other health issue) many doctors now believe that lifestyle changes are the best way to treat it, especially if you have a mild case. So don’t be surprised if your doctor simply wants you to lose weight, take more exercise and change your diet a bit rather than prescribe hypertensive medication immediately. And if you decide to follow such advice you could benefit much more than your blood pressure – you will find that your health, well-being and life-expectancy improves too.

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