How safe is exercise for people with high blood pressure?

woman runningMost people with high blood pressure can exercise safely and are advised to do so as long as they don’t overdo it.

Exercise can help reduce your blood pressure although it’s not clear exactly how it works. Exercise-induced blood pressure changes may be partly due to the weight you lose when you exercise regularly.

But in any case, for an overall boost to your health, reduction in stress and to help your heart and circulation there is nothing to beat it.

You should select moderate aerobic activity and build up gradually from just a few minutes if you are unused to exercise. You will be amazed at how quickly your stamina improves if you make the initial effort and then keep at it.

To be on the safe side check any exercise program you plan on following out with your doctor and avoid competitive or vigorous exercise such as running a marathon or squash.

Stick to moderate aerobic exercise rather than exercises which cause you to strain such as weight training or muscle building isometric type exercises, which can actually cause blood pressure to rise.

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