Blood Pressure Questions

Any questions about blood pressure?Here you’ll find the answers to common questions about blood pressure. If you have a general question about blood pressure you can contact us here and we’ll see what we can do to provide an answer. But remember to always talk to your doctor if you have any specific questions or concerns about your own health as only your doctor can provide diagnosis and treatment.

How do the Pill and HRT affect blood pressure?
The Pill and HRT need to have their blood pressure monitored more regularly. Why is that?

Why does blood pressure rise with age?
Blood pressure often rises with age and your doctor will want to monitor your blood pressure more regularly as you get older.

Do stress and anxiety cause high blood pressure?
Stress and anxiety are well-known to cause high blood pressure but is that actually the case?

Why is blood pressure monitored so closely in pregnancy?
Blood pressure is taken at every ante natal appointment but why is that? And what happens to blood pressure while you are pregnant?

How safe is exercise for people with high blood pressure?
Exercise is safe for most people with high blood pressure but there are particular types of exercises which are best avoided.

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