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Lower Your Blood Pressure by Losing Weight
Losing a few pounds can make a big difference to your blood pressure if you are overweight.

One-size Treatment for High Blood Pressure does not fit all
High Blood Pressure is not a simple condition with a “take this drug and you’ll be fine” cure. Why is it so difficult to treat?

Secrets Of High Blood Pressure Treatment
Why treatment with medication is not always the best route for lowering high blood pressure.

Folic Acid Prevents High Blood Pressure in Women
A study of more than 238,000 women has shown that folic acid has a role in helping women avoid high blood pressure

Reduce Blood Pressure Naturally
This article explains how you can reduce your blood pressure naturally using food and nutritional supplements rather than drugs.

High Blood Pressure Tips That Could Save Your Life
Use these tips to help reduce your high blood pressure (hypertension) naturally.

Celery As Blood Pressure Treatment
Celery contains “apigenin” – a naturally occurring substance which helps lower blood pressure.

Blood Pressure Medications: A Concise Guide
Doctors can prescribe a whole range of different medications to help lower your blood pressure. These are the kinds of drugs which you might be given.

High Blood Pressure and Tai Chi Therapy
Tai Chi can help with reduce one of the causes of high blood pressure : stress

Potassium and high blood pressure
Those with high blood pressure are often advised to boost levels of potassium in their diet. This article explains the role of potassium on our health.

5 Steps You Can Take Today To Lower Blood Pressure Naturally
Some of the things you can do to reduce your blood pressure without taking medication

My High Blood Pressure
A personal account of what high blood pressure can do to one guy

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